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A few recipes among my prefered

Depending on the season products

First courses

Tabbouleh of cabbage flower with grapefruit and shrimps taboulet

Carpaccio of courgettes with parmesan cheese and walnuts carpaccio of courgettes

Fish filet (from the net) in a sarrasin pancake, with mussels and saffron sauce fish filet

Main courses

Chicken with breton cider creamy sauce and french beans from Baye chicken and cider

Skewer virgin tuna sauce and home made mashed potatoes skewer

Fish filet (from the net) with green cabbage and Daniellou's andouille from Baye fish filet


Chocolate-brown softness and pecan nut chocolate

Mille-feuille of buckwheat and strawberries mille-feuille

Terrine of citrus citrus terrine